Written Update of Tum Saath Ho Jab 21st October 2014 Sony Pal Serials

Written Update of Tum Saath Ho Jab 21st October 2014 Sony Pal Serials. Younis gets agitated to realize that that alcoholic (Imran) will mentor his child. Waqar and Fiza talk for Imran. He isn’t that terrible. He doesn’t come to class in intoxicated state. He shows well and has even begun adoring us now. He has likewise talented tennis top to Najma. All the eyes turn on Najma. Younis requests it. najma has no alternative yet to take it out of her school pack. He says this is the means by which he is misinforming my children now. Najma says this is simply my get well soon top. Fiza excessively adds that he offered it to Najma Appi before us just. He lets her know to be calm. Presently I see how Najma got the guts to pose those questions. It wasn’t her yet that boozer who was talking. He inquires as to whether she comprehended anything. She bows down her head disappointedly however then strolls up to Najma. You reached him actually when I had let you know against it? you dint consider me whatsoever. Najma tries to clarify however Mariam doesn’t let possibly her or Waqar talk. She cautions Najma not to meet Imran from today onwards or she will drop her to her Nani’s spot. The children leave for school tragically. Nasima ponders what Imran needs from them. Shabnam has effectively said as much against us due to him and now he is after Najma. Younis conceives that Imran needs to take revenge from them. He is filling Najma’s ears against us. Mariam hears this and furiously grasps onto the tennis top in her grasp. She leaves from that point.

Imran is giving honing in school. Afshaah apologizes to him yet he rebuffs her by requesting that her remained outside the court for the day. He is astounded to hear Mariam’s voice. She needs to converse with him however not before the children so he sends them to an alternate corner to practice.

She affirms about the top and after that tosses it on the ground. What do you think? I had let you know unmistakably to stay far from us. Why are you still after us? Presently you are after Najma. He doesn’t comprehend what she is attempting to say. She feels he is deceiving Najma by discussing tennis, lauding her or by giving this top. He says she is misjudging however she needs him to stay far from Najma. He gets goaded with her. what’s your issue? You come and yell at me at whatever point you feel like. Is this an approach to talk? She encourages him to keep this diversion far from Najma. She turns to go however he talks up. I dint go to Najma with this amusement. She has come after it. She isn’t offbase. She is fit enough for it. be that as it may tragically, considerably in the wake of being her mother you are not able to see it. she is so adolescent yet she thinks about her ability. You have no clue about it. she asks for him not to converse with Najma regardless of the possibility that she tries to. He knows it wont help. She won’t quit imagining around tennis? She will keep on being suffocated and it will be all due to you. Her heart pulsates for tennis. Do you figure it out? Perhaps not! I had provided for her racket however she declined to play. I even made her swear in her Abbu’s name yet she declined to play simply because of you. She dint need to damage you. Be that as it may tragically you don’t know or comprehend her agony.

Mariam says it is simple for you him to say this. it is correct that possibly I am not a decent mother. Anyway I can’t help it as I am a lady all things considered. You do acknowledge what it intends to be lady? She is a wife, a mother and even a DIL of a crew. A lady is something or the other to others all her life with the exception of being her own. He asks her for what good reason that is. She reminds him that she is a widow. There are a ton numerous confinements on me. I cherish my little girl a ton yet this general public doesn’t permit young ladies to dream about this. Should I go against society? He advances an inquiry. Who is your own particular – this general public or Allah? You need to choose who you need to submit to. She takes a gander at him all short of words. He lets her know to make Najma comprehend that she ought to stay far from this court. I can’t murder a young lady’s fantasies.

Bilkish places oil in Nasima’s hairs. Younis bhai is correct. That boozer is impelling Najma against us or Najma isn’t equipped for saying all that. Request that he answer to that lush pleasantly. Nasima is rankled with Najma. Why she continues wandering around him constantly? We continue advising Mariam to keep Najma far from Imran however futile.Indiandramas.net He is a terrible impact truth be told. Rehmat BI approaches about the menu for lunch. Nasima and Bilkish are shocked to realize that Mariam isn’t home. Rehmat Bi takes Mariam’s side. she just goes to mosque. Don’t accuse her wrongly. Bilkish reasons that she could have educated them before going. Nasima gets rankled with Rehmat Bi as she generally takes Mariam’s side.

Mariam gets back simply then. They are stunned to realize that she had gone to Najma’s school. Nasima surmises it that Mariam must have gone to class to discuss Najma’s tennis interest. Has she begun playing tennis? Bilkish thinks about Younis’ response. Mariam immovably lets them know that Najma is not playing tennis. All her stuff has been kept in the storeroom. Everything that matters to she have been slaughtered. She heads upstairs all tragic. Nasima is angry with Mariam’s response. Bilkish discovers Mariam profoundly stressed over something. Nasima wouldn’t fret.

Fiza and Najma discuss Najma’s top. Afshaah comes to tease Najma about her top. Afshaah is furious with Najma as she was advised to emerge of court due to her today. najma needs to stay far from both tennis and Afshaah. She tries to go however Afshaah turns her hand. Fiza chomps Afshaah’s hand in answer. Mentor stops them. he likewise decries Afshaah for she had guaranteed Imran that she will keep up a separation from Najma. I can see what you are doing. Be great or I will protestation to vital sir with respect to you. She apologizes and leaves from that point. Mentor inquires as to whether her Ammi came here in light of Afshaah. Najma is astonished to hear it. imran sir’s inclination was off subsequently. He cleared out without actually preparing the understudies.

Tum Saath Ho Jab Sony Pal Serials

Bilkish opens an old trunk. Jamaal asks her what she is attempting to discover in it. he perceives Amma taking a gander at herself in the mirror. Amma acclaims herself while Bilkish lets her know to keep it as it may break sseeing her. Bilkish takes out a suit from the trunk. Amma wants it as it will add to her beauty but Bilkish warns her against it. Amma still eyes the suit as Bilkish goes to change.

Altaf is astonished to see Imran home so early. is everything okay? Imran nods. I returned specifically from Nabeel Public School itself. They discuss veggies. Altaf finds Najma’s top in the house. He feels that possibly Imran took it back from her today. Imran lets him know that Mariam came to return it. She supposes I am misleading Najma. He lets her know everything. At one side, her girl is prepared to give up everything for her yet she isn’t ready to see any of it. altaf doesn’t like it that Mariam thinks wrong of Imran. I will go and converse with her. Imran says I have effectively done it. There won’t be any further talks from now on. He needs to consume chicken. They both go out to get it.

Mariam thinks about Imran’s words. She herself is beset. She eyes Tauseef’s racket. You let me know Tauseef, am I truly doing unfairness with Najma? Was Imran right? What would it be advisable for me to do? I realize what Najma needs yet what if I do! Should I go against Younis bhai? He is against young ladies playing games. Regardless of the possibility that he concurs shouldn’t we think about the general public! If you don’t mind guide me. she reviews when Tauseef was attempting to show her tennis.  He had longs for making their little girl a national/ worldwide lever player. He again thinks about Imran’s words. Najma gets out for her Ammi. Mariam keeps the racket just before Najma goes into her room. Mariam provides for her garments to change. Najma discusses her going to the school today. you cleared out without actually reaching me! Sports instructor let me know about you coming to class. You had come to fill my structure? Yet I got to realize that new neighbor’s mind-set was truly off in the wake of reaching you. Why Ammi? He needs me to play tennis. Mariam gets agitated. Why he needs you to play tennis? Najma is shocked her Ammi’s response.

Written Update of Piya Basanti Re 21st October 2014 Sony Pal Serials

Written Update of Piya Basanti Re 21st October 2014 Sony Pal Serials. The Episode Starts with Anchal asking Kabeer for what valid reason is he acting abnormal since a couple of days. He says he adores Piya. He says he doesn’t know whether he will get Piya or not and apologizes her for dismissing her proposal. Anchal says he would have let her know before as she is likewise her companion and says he is fortunate to have Piya as a life accomplice and she would have felt awful on the off chance that it was not Piya, she supplicates them to get together soon. She says it is likewise great that you told before marriage, else every one of the 3 lives would have been endured entire while. She says we ought to educate this to our families and says she will be his companion always now.

Kabeer sees Himesh with a young lady, attempting to comfort her. He runs towards Himesh, however crashes with a bicycle. Himesh sees him and runs while in any case he tails him. He supposes what is the issue here and strolls back towards his auto.

Anchal calls her mother/Gayatri and illuminates her about Kabeer in adoration with Piya and says she can’t wed him now. Vijay asks whose telephone it was and Neeta says we ought to alter engagement day soon. Gayatri says they ought to converse with Kabeer once before taking any choice and says Vijay that we ought to take off. Neeta and Savita ask what is the issue. Gayatri says Anchal called her and told that she can’t wed Kabeer. Everybody are stunned to hear that. Savita/Neeta asks what happened so all of a sudden. Jatin says they must have battled and will get back together once more. Gayatri says Kabeer cherishes another person. Entire family is stunned to hear that. Neeta says he didn’t let us know about this and asks whom he must be cherishing. Gayatri says Piya Patel. She says Vijay we ought to leave now. Vijay says Mahesh that he will identify with him later and takes off.

Piya Basanti Re Sony Pal Serials

Kabeer is mistaken seeing young lady for Himesh. He sees that young lady and asks who is she and for what good reason was she conversing with Himesh. She asks who Himesh and who is he and requests that him allow her to sit unbothered, says she came to reach her spouse. Kabeer is stunned to hear that.

Geeta comes to Shah family and welcomes them for Piya’s engagement. Savita and Geeta inquire as to why is Piya acting about engagement. Geeta asks what does she mean. Savita requests that her stop her show. Geeta says she doesn’t comprehend what they mean. Geeta says she is getting captivated to Himesh on one side and is catching Kabeer in her adoration on the other side.Geeta says it is not genuine. They both say Piya caught our honest child and affirms Geeta being behind this. She says she conceded her girl in a huge school and after that broke her leg intentionally to send her little girl here and trap our child. Geeta says it is not genuine and asks Mahesh to trust her. Mahesh says she doesn’t need to pay her 50000 obligation and no compelling reason to come to work from tomorrow. Savita tosses sweet box and welcome she brought.

Written Update of Jodha Akbar 21st October 2014 Zee Tv Serials

Written Update of Jodha Akbar 21st October 2014 Zee Tv Serials. Jalal’s energy serenades for his name, jalal irately takes a gander at post of rajvanshies, jalal says before war, I need to provide for them a message, todar says I will send it through solider, jalal says no I will go myself just, todar says they can kill you, jalal says till today there is no weapon that can hurt jalal, no one will come behind, jalal on his steed goes to stronghold of rajvanshies. warriors standing and guarding divider of fortification sees a Mughal nearing, they says he needs to get killed, they take their positions to kill jalal, officers assault jalal with shafts however no bolt hits jalal, one warrior says possibly he is jalal, other officer says no his priests wont permit him to come here, jalal yells where is uday pratap and kunwar pratap, what befell you, I am here infront of you, why you are not killing me? I am jalaluddin, I am providing for you risk, I have no weapon with me, Jalal request that they assault, he says that you have found the opportunity to kill me and you are sitting in fortress, you wanna kill me then kill from front not from concealing, one solider says we are rajvanshies and we cant kill like pessimists, he has no weapon with him so we cant assault him its against tenets, we will kill him in war zone just, jalal says I provided for you risk and you didn’t take it and now I will see all of you in combat zone, one solider says that we will smash your fantasies, jalal says its my cautioning to you that I will clean the front line and will put my banner on it, I will see till when you stow away maharana uday and kunwar pratap, jalal leaves from that point.

moti ask jodha to consume sustenance, jodha says see moti sky is changing his colrs, see it is demonstrating shade of flame, blood, Jalal is going to kill rajvanshies I had put tilak on jalal’s sword for not his win yet it was blood of first rajvanshies, moti says jalal will rebound, jodha says uday and kuwar pratap are great warriors, I am concerned fro jalal, moti says jalal is great warrior as well, jodha says this is the issue that they both are great and are eager for blood of one another, I don’t realize what is going to happen, this sky is red indicating color of blood.

Jodha Akbar 21st October 2014 Zee Tv Serials

the fight begins, its war of bows and arrows, both sides are tossing shafts on one another, jalal’s powers toss bolts on post of rajvanshies, jalal says till when they won’t open the doors of stronghold, continue tossing bolts on them.

in night, todar says to jalal that they will be eager in fortification and will open entryways soon, jalal says I have not come here to hold up and trust fate, I now kill all of them, I will complete them with my energy not due to their yearning, I need to kill Uday and kunwar pratap, I don’t need them to open doors however I need break the divider this fortress and assault them.

following day, same bows and arrows fight is going on, voice over says this war was not of two days, it was huge war like enormous contempt of jalal, numerous warriors passed on in it.

in rajvanshi royal residence, troopers talk about that they will assault their fighters and will win the war.

one rajvanshi trooper executes Mughal fighter, jalal gets irate and hits a shaft, he slaughters one rajvanshi officer.

rajvanshi examine that divider can be poverty-stricken whenever, the pioneers says to troopers that now is the right time to demonstrate your full power to Mughals, you need to win this war and not permit Mughals to come in our castle, we will win mewar from Mughals, place your ladies and youngsters in sheltered spot. otherside rajvanshi ladies talk about and says we won’t let Mughals assault our mewar, we won’t offer into Mughals, we will do jauhur yet wont permit Mughals to touch our mewar and ourselves.

the authority war starts, solider from both sides rushed to one another, they assault one another and execute to the extent that they can. some Mughal warriors goes to entryway of stronghold and breaks it, Mughals come in fortification of rajvanshies, war is going full speed ahead, maan signh, todar, all are battling with different fighters, all are murdering, jalal comes there on his stallion, his sword has blood on it, he gets furious seeing rajvanshies battling, he begins slaughtering individuals.

inside post, all women come to well which has fire in it, they appeal to God for mewar. in arrangement zone of fortress, battle is going on, jalal sees one rajvanshi battling pleasantly, he is their pioneer. all women bounce in well brimming with flame and slaughters themselves, doing jauhur, jalal sees it and disregards. jalal kills one pioneer of them, one solider comes to jalal and says we will give our lives yet wont let you know about uday and kunwar pratap, you are not doing war yet its pitilessness, jalal makes him harmed and ask him where is uday and kunwar, fighter says they are not here, we wont let you know, jalal kills him, jalal says to his troopers that kill all rjavnshi fighters, no one ought to be alive, he listens some kid shouting, he imagines that god detracted my tyke from me yet cant take my energy from me, I wont leave this kid

Written Update of Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 21st October 2014 Zee Tv Serials

Written Update of Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 21st October 2014 Zee Tv Serials. Raj and avni are apalled to know of Bhawna’s torment, and that the entire town and her own particular family excessively turned its eyes against her, and that had she known, Bhawna wouldnt have ever let avni come here and implores her to go away. Avni imagines that Bhawna has endured a considerable measure, and that she would bring her equity and wont let her live as a vagrant. Parvati requests that her overlook. Avni asks whats so wrong that bhawna did. parvati likewise tells avni that she questions somebody was behind this. She is going to spill reality, when stones come and hit her in the head. parvati flinches in ache while avni surges out to see what happened. Avni turns out and inquires as to why are they pelting stones at her. Sumer comes and tries to stop them. All the villagers tell sumet singh, that avni is sangeeta’s little girl, having come here to look for retribution.  Sumer is stunned, as he turns around to face avni, with wrath in his eyes. virat eyes this evilly from a separation. Sumer has flashes of sangeeta and vents out his annoyance at avni, while she guiltlessly tries to persuade him. Sumer evnts out his whole furstration and outrage at the mother and little girl. they begin pelting stones, while avni requests that them stop. Raj excessively is apalled and tensed, and after that he is likewise exhorted that he ought to leave the town as thats best for him. raj conceives that avni was likewise enquiring about her mother and that she possibly in peril as well.

Then, avni says that they and their reasoning isn’t right. In any case the villagers say that rather than Sangeeta, avni would kick the bucket today. Sumer comes in the middle of them and says that she is a visitor and they wont shame her. Anyway the villagers rather pounded him, and after that turn to avni. As avni goes onto attempt and spare him, they get on her as well. she tries to make them understand that they are workers and not executioners and requests that them stop it. Yet one of them goes onto impel the villagers all the more. He strolls ahead with a sword in her grasp. They are dead set to execute her. They attempt to slaughter her with a sword. Raj comes to spare Avni in the eleventh hour. He confronts every one of them and after that takes avni’s hands and goes onto flee, with the villagers in tow.

After they have dodged the villagers for long, avni twitches off her hands from his fasten, and says that she can fight for herself, and doesnt need his help, while he tries to persuade her that they ought to be as one at this moment. Avni won’t. Seeing the villagers approaching, raj takes her hand and they run once more. they get in his jeep and he tries to ride, yet the petrol is over and they get to running once more. Thery enter the hotel and shroud, while the villagers storm in, attempting to scan for them. Avni tries to talk, however he shushes her with his finger, while she is stunned, in respect to why is he doing this for her. He grips her hard against him. After they leave, she still grasps to him, in alarm, while he eyes her inwardly, as they remember their past minutes. The lodge’s holder comes in and says that they are protected. Raj says that they should need to leave, and do some way or another. raj goes to battle the villagers, while she can duck out in the in the interim. He solicits him to fare thee well from her, while she includes that she excessively should run with raj. They both let each know other that its threat for both of them. raj lets her know that its an enormous issue, and that he would handle it alongside keeping him safe. She seizes his hand and thinks that it injured seriously. she quickly tears her dupatta and does a quick dressing. He eyes her overwhelmingly, and after that solicits the villager to fare thee well from avni. raj leaves, while avni is tensed. she likewise starts to, yet he stops her, saying that Raj is taking a chance with his life for her. She vents out her dissatisfaction in respect to why is he doing this, and why cant he toss her out of his life, much the same as she did. The villager says that he cant let his affection pass on, and lets her know the amount raj cherishes her. She declines to trust this, as had this been, the reason would he have severed the marriage. He requests that her trust her heart. she inquires as to why did he do this then. The villager says that bhawna let her know to do this. She asks why did Bhawna do this and is stunned. the villager says that raj came here to discover the answer for this just, however it destroyed him totally.

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 21st October 2014 Zee Tv Serials

In the mean time, Raj catches and discovers villagers all over, dead set to kill avni. Raj catches Virat inciting the villagers to have strict security and not let them both flee. As the villagers agree, raj, from a separation ponders who is the individual regulating the illagers, as he sees Virat, from his back. He doesnt try to figure out, and hurries away. virat turns around, and feels that he lost a decent risk, because of Raj, by attempting to dispose of avni. the villagers throng virat saying that they saw avni close to the hotel. They surge towards there.

Avni is baffled and apalled. He solicits her to atleast think from whsat torment he must have experienced, as avni is told everything, concerning why raj declined to wed her, and how intolarable it was for him to turn it down. He says that raj made herextremely upset, yet his was crushed long spirit. She is distressed and falls on the ground, that her own particular mother wished so. He then likewise adds that he came to discover reality about umatgaon, and Bhawna, and that he got to know. she accuses herself for not having the confidence in her adoration and raj, and that she ought to have comprehended something was out of order. She is exceptionally dismal , believing that she abhorred him so much and today excessively he is taking a chance with his life for her, while she hurries out saying that she would need to spare him, and that she wont let anything befall him. the villager is stunned. She pursue and just she leaves, the villagers throng the range with virat.

Virat enters the cabin with the villagers, and afterward asks the hotel manager where is she, and he doesnt agree. the villagers come and say that they seek the whole house yet didnt discover her anyplace. Virat is baffled. Virat is tensed to have lost avni again twice this time around. While raj is trying to arrange for a vehicle for them, avni finds him and hugs him tight, shocking raj complete. the screen freezes on their overwhelmed faces.

Written Update of Hum Hain Na 23rd October 2014 Sony Tv Serials

Written Update of Hum Hain Na 23rd October 2014 Sony Tv Serials. The scene Starts with Lakshmi telling Sagarik’a family that she acknowledges Sagarika as her bahu as Bunty preferences her. She says she has a condition. Chattopadhyay gets stressed. She says she needs marriage to happen in 48 hours as there is no other muhurath for 2 months. Chattopadhyay gets content and says he simply needs 6 hours and demands that marriage ought to happen in bengali style as Sagarika is his just little girl. Lakshmi gets irritated listening to that, however Mishraji says however ceremonies are diverse, marriage ought to happen legitimately. Everybody impart a lighter minute. Phubali insults Sagarika that she will be Mrs. Bunty soon.Satya goes to Laxmi’s room and embraces her from behind, asks when is she accompanying shagun to reach her grandparents. Laxmi apologizes her and says she altered Bunty’s marriage with Sagarika. Satya is crushed to hear that. Laxmi says not you or Bunty would have been glad else. Satya turns out and supposes she won’t let Bunty and Sagarika be glad.

Bunty wedding services begin. Bunty gets prepared as lady in sherwani and Rani performs prebarat ceremonies. Pappu quickly comes and asks to turn out as baarat is prepared. Mishraji requests that him cool off and requests that him not hustle as he did in his marriage. Bunty gets on hourse and his baraat parade begins with everybody moving before steed. Satya sees barat and gets rankled. Daadi asks Laxmi to take after barat. Laxmi says she won’t come. She says she has concurred for marriage on Bunty’s emphasis and feels like she is going give child as opposed to getting bahu. Daadi says individuals will ask in regards to her. Laxmi requests that her advise that she is holding up to get barat at home.

Sagarika’s cousins joke that Sagarika will consume structure Bunty’s hands now. Phubali says Bunty is distraught behind Sagarika. Close relative says Bunty is your jija now. Father gets enthusiastic and says he didn’t understand at all that Sagarika has adult and requests that her be glad all her life. Aunties says let us get barat. Father favors Sagarika with tears moving down his cheeks and leaves to welcome barat. Bengali women welcome Barat with bengali ceremonies. Baratis are amazed to see the ceremonies. Auntie asks them not to frenzy as it is bengali custom. Father endowments Bunty dhoti kurta material and welcomes barat in.

Hum Hain Na Sony Tv Serials

Sagarika takes a gander at her mother’s pic and says she is forgetting her generally today. Laxmi on the other side takes a gander at her and Bunty’s pic. Phubali comes and inquires as to whether she is apprehensive. Sagarika says she is anxious that Bunty has a family and they have their desires, says she is prepared to conform, however till now, she has taken her life’s choice herself and it is troublesome for her to bargain. Phubali says Bunty will oversee everything. They both grin. Laxmi thinks on the off chance that she has lost her child that he didn’t even understand that his mother is not in marriage corridor.

Written Update of Itti Si Khushi 23rd October 2014 Sony Tv Serials

Written Update of Itti Si Khushi 23rd October 2014 Sony Tv Serials. An adorable Songs plays as Aman continues grinning as he takes a gander at Neha. Aman keeps on lookking at Neha with a huge grin. She excessively grins bashfully as he keeps on lookking toward her sweetly. What are you taking a gander at? He says you had said yesterday that you need to see your fantasies wake up. Anyway how would we know what our fantasy is? What’s that one thing that will let us know that this is our fate? she gets confounded. He grins saying she wont get it. She concurs that she can’t see all the adults whatsoever. He gets up to go inside to offer desserts to close relative. She shouts to him and tosses something toward him. He clearly misses it and she winds up chuckling. Commander Aman Goyal you have ended up moderate. You have likewise overlooked how to get things. He has brought a blessing for her – the same ball. You kept this fantasy securely with you for all these years. I am terrified consider the possibility that I toss it in the dustbin on the off chance that it is with me. I have anyways overlooked how to get. She takes it from him. they impart a charming eye lock to the same adorable melody playing out of sight. They both grin at one another for quite a while.

At Aman’s home, Gayatri is sitting tight eagerly for Kartik. We need to go to Agarwal House. They all must be sitting tight for us. Neeta knows her sibling. He has gone to his companion’s home to play cards and wont be back right on time. Gayatri gets annoyed however Dadi talks for Kartik. Aman excessively advises his mother not to ruin her mind-set today. Dadi isn’t certain on the off chance that they will be welcomed appropriately at Agarwal House. Aman clarifies that we are simply going to reach them on Diwali’s event. It ought to be about joy just. They all clear out.

At Agarwal House, Dida needs Neha to do aarti today. this present house’s bliss has come back with you after such a large number of years. Neha is concerned consider the possibility that she commits an error. Dida guarantees her that there wont be any error as she is with her. Neha does the aarti cheerfully. She turns to offer aarti to everybody when she perceives Aman. She hurries to offer it to him excitedly. I did aarti today. he grins while taking favors from the aarti thaal. Gayatri, Dadi, Jayanti and Akku watch their interpretations.

Neha offers aarti to everybody alongside wishing them an exceptionally cheerful Diwali. Akku wishes Aman. He nods back and they both stand uncomfortably. Neha remains faithful to Suraj as she perceives them together. Neha, Suraj, Sandeep, Aman and Anand go out to blast saltines. Akku needs to demonstrate the house (gharounda) to Neeta. Dadi is inspired that in any case they proceed with the old conventions. She excessively needs to see it and truly adores it. Nobody makes it these days. She relates how she used to make one dependably when she was a child. She favors Akku believing that she has made it. you helped me to remember my youth. Jayanti compliments Akku. She will keep her home like this too. Dida nods however then includes that Neha has made it. all the women turn to take a gander at Neha who is occupied with blasting saltines. Dadi eyes the gharounda worriedly. Neha doesn’t like to do family work. I can see that Shagun is occupied with work while Neha is just worried about her saltines. Dida takes them inside. Akku and Neeta keep on lookking at the gharounda.

Itti Si Khushi 23rd October 2014 Sony Tv Serials

Neha needs Akku’s assistance in making the top of her gharounda yet she needs to go inside to make game plan for supper. She consents to do it later. Neha reluctantly concurs. Aman has heard it as well. Aman can’t quit taking a gander at Neha as she commends Diwali by blasting wafers. He grins as he takes a gander at the gharounda.

Dadi discusses her old times and the richness with which they used to commend any celebration or event previously. She inquires as to whether he has any issue in using cash for the engagement. He consents to do anything that she needs. Gayatri reasons that they just had needed it to happen in a calm manner. Jayanti talks’ to support Dadi. Dida comments that there is no compelling reason to utilize a sword when a pin can do the work. Dadi is befuddled. Suraj storms inside with the saltine. Sandeep and Neha attempt to stop him. dadi admonishes/ accuses Neha for it. Aman talks up’s to support Neha. We couldn’t do anything as Suraj ran inside with the wafer without any cautioning. Neha feels great that he talked to support her yet Akku is surely a bit shocked. Jayanti makes utilization of the opportunity. One day this house will smolder and we won’t have the capacity to do anything other than look on from a separation. Everybody has an alternate outflow all over in the wake of listening to this. aman can see that neha’s grin has vanished.

Shagun’s mother (Rekha) welcomes them simply then. Shagun and Suraj welcome her thus does Neha. She wishes everybody cheerful diwali. She has brought endowments for every one of them. Dadi calls attention to that a young lady’s guardians do it cheerfully. agarwal family recognize this. Rekha tells Sandeep that she had felt that they would have painted the house not long from now that Neha is back. Dida says it will be carried out before Akku’s wedding. She goes inside to spruce up.

Anand needs to show ornamentation pics to Gayatri to browse yet she is alright with whatever he chooses. We ought to go for what we can manage. Dadi insults her for this too listening to which Neha grins. Akku takes her aside to set the table. gayatri comments that the couple ought to be best and our families like the accomplice whom we have picked for our child/ girl separately. Aman takes a gander at Akku and Neha one by one. He grins when Neha grins at him yet makes a straight face when Akku takes a gander at him. He looks truly stressed.

Akku shows ornamentation pics to Neeta who goes to ask Aman’s decision. He takes a gander at the pics absentmindedly, in addition to he flips past the page which Akku had preferred. Neha brings litchi juice for everybody. Neeta says it is bhaiya’s most loved juice. Listening to this, Neha turns to go without offering juice to anybody however impacts Aman. The juice spills on his kurta. She really want to chuckle over the circumstances. Aman excessively grins back. Dadi is incensed however. He is your jijaji. Begin esteeming.